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Telemedicine, Evitalz telehealth for Aircrafts, Marine, Rural


Evitalz offers a combination of medical diagnostic devices to measure the vital signs such as ECG, Temperature, Blood Pressure, SpO2 and Multi blood parameters such as Blood Glucose, Haematocrit, Haemoglobin, Uric Acid, Total Cholesterol & Ketone.

These measured data are captured in our patient consult software on an android tablet for encrypted transmission to a secure web service. The transmission medium could be anything from 3G/4G/LTE/5G or any type of satellite communications.

Even on certain satellite communication equipment, on board fishing vessels with super low bandwidths of 2.4 Kbps, the medical records sans any images can be transmitted to our secure server.

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Evitalz Information Management Pvt Ltd is a digital healthcare start-up, based in Chennai, India with a vision of being seen by airlines, shipping industry, Public Health Services, Corporates

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Wireless smart Medical devices for measuring vital signs point of care devices that measures and seamlessly communicates medical data to any iOS or Android mobile device. All our medical devices measures in an accurate & reliable way as required by leading hospitals which are clinically validated 

Electronic Health Records

A secure cloud-based diabetes management system for medical professionals that delivers a new level of patient communication and treatment decision support. Powerful webservice with EHR services for online access to patient records, uses advanced algorithms to empower physicians to assist patients.

Mobile Application Tool

Our mobile application records patient informations and vital signs without any internet connectivity. It transfer of vital signs reports to web service with high security and compliance such as HIPAA / GDPR standards with AES 256. Our mobile app also provides Video call & Text chat features for telemedicine.

Medical Software Development 

We provide software development services as well. Capturing & harmonizing data from virtually any medical device, then delivering it to downstream system, which can be accessed on clinicians phones or tablets, in real time. We help to connect to virtually all existing medical devices and clinical systems, transmit all elements outputted.


eVITALZ is the “uber” of health care and helpful for early detection of
Non Communicable Disease 






Our system provides a high degree of flexibility and ease-of-use. The physician can also access a full record of all abnormalities recorded by the RPM system by logging into the central system. We secure recording of medical data and decisions, providing documentation.


Vital Signs Taken


Registered Patients


Abnormalities Found

Our Clients & Pilot Projects

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Telehealth Solutions

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